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First of all, I want to say: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH EVERYONE FOR THE MANY MANY FAVES I HAVE RECEIVED!! :dance: :love: :hug: :wow:
Secondly, I am trying to keep up with thanking you all personally, but it means going back in time quite a way and now I have started with this :pc: I get the notice that I am spamming hmmmm... SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG WITH DEVIANTART HERE....:( :frustrated: :tantrum:

Anyhow, know that you are in my mind and I will keep on doing my best to get back to you all. 
Thank you thank you thank you :rose: :heart: :heart:

And now for something completely different:
A short story marking my thoughts on the passing of souls from this side to the other, a tribute to my mum, may she travel light and beautiful and soar the stars till eternity :heart:  :floating: :heart:


When we dream we embark on a different plain of existence. We are totally encapsulated in our surroundings, even more so than when we are awake. The feelings, sensations, decisions and experiences we have there are so vivid, so strong, that we sometimes awake with a shock to the senses. 
Can you remember waking up from a dream that you wanted to stay in? Or a dream that you were so relieved of to be waken up from? 
In our dreamstate our consciousness escapes from the linear timeframe we are so used to live in during the day, and can create scenes that seem longer than the actual time displays, because time is circular there.

I have been realising during and after my mums passing that when a soul enters the final dreamworld there is no desire to return to earth, because the experience is so full and so overwhelming that any desires from the life lived are erased, even the longing to be with the loved ones. 
They are there, present in these everlasting moments, and the worries the soul might have about lost loved ones come in flashes of awareness when the soul remembers what and who he or she is leaving behind. These feelings are then passed on to the ones who are left behind in riddled symbols or images. 
Because the way of communicating is so different and because there is so much filling the airwaves the message that is left behind for the living can be confusing. 
It is an art to be able to be fully conscious in this dynamic invisible world, even for souls who have passed on. 
It is also an art to fully understand the message for the reciever. You have to look behind the fear, emotions and experiences from your daily life to filter what is actually being communicated.

I had a dream, based on my fears at first, but I also saw the message these passed on souls were trying to give me. Someone showed me a small stream between rocks, with small and big yellow colored light balls flowing through it downstream, just moving along, thousands, perhaps even millions passed by. The guide in this dream told me that this is the way souls travel, like a constant flow, all heading in the same direction. 
And I have to think of the sea at night, when it lights up, when the phytoplankton, these tiny little life forms, move along with the stream. Some light up more, according to the movement of the waves, others remain dormant and some are caught in little pools. But all lights find their destiny eventually, because all is connected and all movement is synced. The laws that move these souls is different than the laws of the earth we live on, but there are also universal laws, laws we cannot comprehend while we are in a body.

To be able to live a life as in a dream, one must be able to grasp every moment of life as if it were your last. To do that, with the solid nature of this earthly existence, you will forget moments. The moments you will forget most are the automated ones, because your mind will have to make choices what is necessary to remember. Our existence in a body is too dense for us to remember everything. To move around quickly will stress you out, so you have to choose what is worthwhile to take with you as a soul. 
What is useful for the growth of our consciousness and what is not? 
What do we want to remember after we die, in what space of consciousness do we want to swim? 
This is the reason why Tibetan monks take so much time meditating and other times doing chores that are automated. Our western lifestyle makes it impossible to be fully aware all the time, there is just too much going on and we are more busy with connecting everything only physically that we forget how to live emotionally, mentally, spiritually and also physically in the present time. 
It is like a stack of blocks building up higher and higher, without having time to check what you are actually building. Everything might collapse due to lack of attention and then the mind and/or body will shut down in a variety of ways.

Twenty years ago I attended a workshop from Ike West, who told me that there is one generation of physical life as we know it and seven generations of dreaming, the spiritual life. In these seven generations of dreaming we make a new scenario for this one material life we choose to live. All the aspects of our short life are taken with us after we move on and we relive these during these seven generations. I do not believe that the dream state lasts for as long as seven generations. Sometimes a soul reincarnates much faster, as I have heard from persons who clearly remember, since they were very young, scenes from their past life in the Second World War.
I would also like to add that we are souls who have had more than one lifetime of experience, so imagine the huge amount of sensations we have to process while we are dreaming as a soul without a body. 
In our dreamworld are other souls who we connect with. They visit us much more easily, contacts are without judgmental restrictions, emotions are easily communicated, there are no boundaries in this realm. 
So why would you want to leave the dream ocean? Why take on a body? The reason for this is that as a body we can harness memories, we can filter and guide our path and enjoy these memories much more easily, because they are not cluttered, they are transparent and we can only remember what has happened in this one lifetime we are living. We can touch, we can feel the sensation of touch and smell, and it can last, as long as the experience repeats itself. When the experience is gone, we will forget in time. 
As a soul without a body we forget much more easily, we move on like air in water, we go with the flow, there are no reasons to hang on to someone, something, because we can continuesly experience and experience and everything is only based on the sensations of the present time. And yet there is no time, so there are no signposts, no alarm bells , it just goes on and on and on. 

So when you go to sleep at night, remember that these moments in this realm are precious, and the more you can take with you during your wakened state, the more you will see, hear, smell and feel as a being. There is really much more than what you do and are every day, and how it affects you, you can learn in the big dream ocean. It's all about awareness, it's all about you as a soul who is here to experience. And remember, as you expand, so does the universe. All is connected and all answers are right here, in the soil and the oceans of the earth. You just need to know how to see.


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